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The Author is Ordained Deacon from the Presbytery Churches of New York City.  We are using the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures given to the Ordained Deacon by the Jehovah's Witnesses.  We are millions of Christians all over the world who must pray-- there will be one more person who will find Jesus and be saved everyday!  Let us pray for ourselves, our family, our community, our country and the world!  For our well-being, our happiness and our lives.   Lord is our Shepherd leading our good faith and lives in Christ we believe in, worship and trust! 

Our Community    

Won't you serve your community and Almighty God? 
You don't have to be a Deacon (which means God's Servant) and it does not matter what you do for living.  All of us serve our community--grocery clerks, bank tellers, teachers, bus drivers, sanitation workers,  ministers! of course! Etc.  Won't you pray that each of us serve our own community and God by doing our job right, praying for good and  others, safety and wellness of our community and the people!  Please pray every day for wellness and happiness for yourself and others -- your family, friends, co-workers and your country and the whole world! 



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Our Mission

Is to provide the care and prayers people need through this website. For  our religion, faith, for our emotional and spiritual health. We are millions of people affected by Abuses, by our own parents, by the opposite gender and at work place, even by our own self and  by American Society's Promiscuity & Racism.  Support and Prayers are also provided by through Christian Writings and other books.  Statistics are very high for people suffering from mental illness who were abused.  Won't you find and pray to your friend & Savior Jesus Christ for Healing, Comfort and Word of God to make you a Child of the Most High God and find your salvation?  Won't you receive the word of God in your heart to fill it with good & kindness, respect and all the humanity in the world? 

Visit for anyone to live anti-abusive lifestyle and take the IQ test with Unbiased, Ethical and Philosophical questions for you to be unbiased, and Mental Status Exam for the Prevention & Intervention of Mental Illness.  A flyer, Magazine!  Submit your writing, Art & Music, Job posting, Place Ads!

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