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Christstian Writer Serene Song's 1st book.  She hopes her books will be required Readings in Schools across America and Overseas.  6 Original Short Stories and 1 Biography of Cleopatra.  Bold and stunning!  It is fun to read her books and inspiring for people to soar in high spirits, broadening young and old's horizons.  She tries to write important books to impart all the humanity, anti-racism, anti-abuse, high morality, True Love, Love of God and America, sense of humor, and for great mental, physical and spiritual health.  Read books from the caring mind & heart.  She writes to make people happy.

American Short Stories 2022 Also Available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble

SKU: 978-1-6657-2943-7
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  • 6" X 9"  Paperback book.  Also available as eBook on Amazon.  Readers of any age.  Especially for people who wants read good books midst of junk.  For anyone to read and find out what a great fun reading is!!! Great escape and nurture as well!

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