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It is a summary of the old testament.  Genealolgy of Jesus Christ.  History of Jesus Christ.  Heartbreaking, Mystical and Magical Bible stories directly from the Bible.  Words are as exactly as the same as possible from the Bible until the end of this book!   Real magical stories from the Bible such as Adam & Eve,  David and Goliath, 10 commandments from Moses, Samson & Delilah, Birth of Jesus Christ from Virgin Mary, Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead on Easter,  Betrayal, Persecution, Crucifixion, Resurrection of Christ, We  will live forever if we have Jesus as our Savior!  Read and Believe!

Heartbreaking and Mystical but Magical Bible Stories

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  • 5" x 8"  Paperback book also available on Amazon and as eBook.  Read the rest of the New Testament.  Recommended especially for kids and for any one to be a Believer.   Please read the Bible before you die.  

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